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Big Data Capture
for Analytics

Precise - Reliable
Made in Japan

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Capture anything. Capture everything.™

True lossless packet capture for any monitoring application

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Focus on analysis,
we do the packet capture


serving precise network data
to any Monitoring Solution

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accurate results need
101% performance


Enterprise Deep Packet Capture
Services & Appliances

About us

Founded in 1965 with our headquarter in Tokyo, ComWorth has almost 50 years experience as Distributor and Solution Provider serving in Telecom and Data Communication Industry to a wide range of customers. Today we do have a dual focus:

The ComWorth Manufacturing Division specializes in designing, manufacturing and supplying standard and customized network solutions system for any application. The SwiftWing SIRIUS series is the flagship brand, developed and produced for most demanding requirements in network monitoring and analysis.

Further, ComWorth is one of Japan's leading distributors in network testing, monitoring, security and performance management equipment. With more than 60 products from over 20 industry-renowned vendors, the ComWorth Distribution Division offers a wide range of products and solutions to meet every demand of todays network environment challenges. We also develop custom solutions for clients with unique needs that are not available in existing commercial solutions.

For both business sections our key customers include telecommunications carriers, their respective research labs, government agencies, research and academic institutions, equipment manufacturers as well as enterprise and financial companies.

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