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Enterprise Deep Packet Capture
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Portable DAISY - High Performance Data Analytical Intelligence System

All around the world smart devices are communicating with each other. Driven by humans, those devices are exchanging pictures, text, audio or video or else in unnumbered sessions by wire or on air all over the  planet.

Further, the Internet of Things add an enormous amount of machine data to the networks today.

The total volume of all human or machine generated datatraffic is increasing each day, the network traffic around the globe grows in every second as more and more aspects of life are being transferred to the virtual world. The Social networking, Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing are influencing our culture – and are open to anyone for anyone!

It is logical that abuse happen all day as well. And it is more than ever fundamental to indentify the misuse.

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The Challenge

The humans and machines leave digital marks allover. Some may be possible evidences of any kind or being somehow of any importancy in future and all this is present among billions of bytes of data.

The recorded datatraffic and the previously archived traffic also carry many valueable information of all kinds and. And there could be content which is against law and order as well.

Which category such information any task fall in to varies by many criterias nowadays. Further, the definitions what's good or bad varies, some events may therefore require a special treatment.

Therefore the need to inspect the datastreams and analyse content is authorized by national laws or forced by the national belongings. For commercial purposes, such inspections may be driven by e.g. violation of company rules.

In a global view, the fundamental changes on national and international level require superior tools for, e.g., defeating terrorism worldwide.

For all scenarios the Portable DAISY* is a powerful solution for indepth investigation. It takes a completely new approach to IP mass Data Analysis and Data Retention purposes:

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 * Data Analytical Intelligence System

Portable DAISY - a lawful interception solution

Portable DAISY is designed to intercept, capture, analyse and extract data to find actionable information. The most suitable solution combines an Intelligence Application with a high performing Capture Appliance, both interacting seamless for instant and profound results. It runs on a robust and hi-performing hardware platform enabling for lossless traffic capturing at most demanding and intensive network conditions aside the analytic program.

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YOU decide what you are looking for!

Portable DAISY is made for Investigators, not for Technology Experts.
 The complete system is built around the operator. No deep knowledge on Internet protocols or Communication structures is needed to operate it. Finding results is as simple as searching the Internet.

Key Features of Portable DAISY

  • MIME type translation, not protocol decoding

  • Port independent IP translation

  • Additional META Information enrichment

  • Handles single sided traffic

  • Drill Down & Drill Through function

  • Scalable to the needs

  • OPEN interfaces to other Monitoring Centers

  • Patented solution for decoding Mass IP traffic

  • Portable DAISY complies with the EU directive on data retention (2006/24/EG)

Download this information as a brochure (pdf) and/or a one-page-overview (pdf) 

Portable DAISY is only one version, dedicated for mobile use. There are more version for stationary use and more DAISY solutions to integrate into existing structures. 

Contact us us for more information about DAISY.