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Big Data Capture
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Capture anything. Capture everything.™

True lossless packet capture for any monitoring application

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Focus on analysis,
we do the packet capture


serving precise network data
to any Monitoring Solution

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accurate results need
101% performance


Enterprise Deep Packet Capture
Services & Appliances

20 & 40 Gbps Capture Performance

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No doubt, the challenge to test and monitor high‐speed wired, wireless and mobile networks is greater than ever before.

Emerging technologies like 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet or LTE require powerful solutions for comprehensive testing and monitoring. Applications such as Voice over IP, video streaming, and peer‐to‐peer (P2P) Internet traffic require deeper packet monitoring and inspection.

SwiftWing SIRIUS Systems are optimized in usability and performance to allow user to focus on working with the network data and not operating the capture appliances.

Running Packet Capture with SIRIUS....

Analysis, Monitoring or Troubleshooting is dependent on precise data. Established applications or appliances, on one hand, can provide, with all their designed features & functions, comprehensive and competent results in problem solving, detailed statistics and complete reporting, in alpha numeric or graphical views.

On the other hand, these systems can only capture the required details at moderate data rates, especially proprietary networking analysis solutions, that once seemed to be tailor‐made for your organization, nowadays may show their weaknesses and flaws.

Perhaps, your organization and its technological requirements have changed over the years, or, even worse, your network is getting too complex or it‘s simply too fast to be covered with the current tools.

We may not solve every trouble caused at such conditions, but we understand that accurate results depend on 101% capture performance.

SIRIUS is the ultimate "Capture Service & Server" on enterprise level to all your existing NetTools.

Therefore we invented SIRIUS!


The Aggregation & Mediation Layer

The source for capturing data can be be a single passively tapped link (with a BreakOut TAP), a SPAN Port  (a Switch Port with copied data of any other port(s)) or a combined stream of monitor data from various sorces (e.g., a mix from TAPs and SPANs sources). Today the Mediation Layer for aggregating and control multiple sources of monitoring traffic is a key functionality in Network Monitoring.

Various analysis applications may require different configuration, e.g., to filter out or extract certain parts of monitoring traffic for different kind of investigation. To take off payload of IP packets may be the case  and/or the regeneration or duplication of other or same parts for another purpose in the same moment is required as well.


Testing lossless capture to disk....

The Portable and the 4U appliance are capable of sustained 20Gbps capture rate:
20gbps graph1

Accurate 40Gbps capture on our 4U stationary unit
(In other words, there are approximate 60 million packets being captured and written to disk every second):

40gbps graph1

Note: ComWorth works for testing and benchmarking of SIRIUS and all other products for internal use and for products on sale with XENA GigaBit Ethernet Test Equipment. BTW, we are also official Distributor of XENA.



Our clients report a perfect match of SIRIUS to demands in using our appliances. We would like to share with you one testimonial we got. This one here is from the British Telecom using SIRIUS:

pdf iconBT Testimonial