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Big Data Capture
for Analytics

Precise - Reliable
Made in Japan

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Capture anything. Capture everything.™

True lossless packet capture for any monitoring application

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Focus on analysis,
we do the packet capture


serving precise network data
to any Monitoring Solution

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accurate results need
101% performance


Enterprise Deep Packet Capture
Services & Appliances

Enhanced Solutions with SIRIUS

SwiftWing SIRIUS is a most flexible groundwork for adding more valuable tools and applications for near real-time analysis and/or analysis on-demand. The wellproven SIRIUS' Multi-Gig packet capture cababilties are trusted in industry for smarter data delivery since many years. Our partners and we are big enough to provide solutions for customers challenges with profound background knowledge and we are small enough to act flexible in realising individual solutions in many business sectors.

We do "classic" solutions with SIRIUS, e.g., an automated 24h Latency analysis with reporting, but we go very much further here in the following combined with high sophisticated analytics:

SwiftWing Portable Analytic Intelligence System

Capture, Explore, Analyze and Visualize Everything

The Lawful Interception, based on IP Packet Capture. A total solution, designed to intercept mass data, capture, analyse and extract data to find actionable information. This products comply with the EU directive on data retention (2006/24/EG). A new approach, a unique way ...more

Classic solutions

ComWorth develops individual solutions for client's special purpose

Not only very complicated or large developments are the daily business. Also little, pragmatic functions can be realized shortly to e.g., solve an interims issue.

We will introduce some solutions to specific demands shortly more in detail, for the time being please have a look to the usecases below.

Use Case 1

Use Case 2

Use Case 3