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Big Data Capture
for Analytics

Precise - Reliable
Made in Japan

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Capture anything. Capture everything.™

True lossless packet capture for any monitoring application

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Focus on analysis,
we do the packet capture


serving precise network data
to any Monitoring Solution

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accurate results need
101% performance


Enterprise Deep Packet Capture
Services & Appliances

SIRUS Portable Mini

Portable Swiftwing miniThe SIRIUS Portable Mini is a ultracompact, most portable system with 4x 1GbE or 2x 10GbE Interfaces, ensuring up to 7Gbps line-rate capture. Storage capacity starts at 2,56TB.

SIRIUS Portable 

Portable SwiftwingThe SIRIUS Portable is the perfect mobile solution for on-demand packet capture, capable of up to 40Gbps line-rate capture performance. Available with storage capacity up to massive 32TB.

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SwiftWing SIRIUS Portable 

portable series

SwiftWing SIRIUS Portable with 1G, 10G, 20G or 40G Interfaces,
perfect solutions for Engineers and on-demand packet capture.

Lossless capture performance at maximal portability
Huge storage capacity of up to 32TB.

SwiftWing SIRIUS 19" stationary units

SIRIUS Swiftwing all sizes

The SIRIUS 19” stationary systems are available in several versions, depending on interfaces and storage capacity.

SIRIUS comes with a wide range of powerful features & functions that compliments the user’s enhancing requirements for network capture, storage and analysis. ...

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SwiftWing SIRIUS stationary appliances

4u 1 open SwiftWing SIRIUS stationary appliances for more demanding tasks at Enterprise or Datacenter level.

A line of 19" systems, scalable by Speed (4Gbps to 40Gbps) and storage capacity (currently up to 3.600TB), is available.

Capable of capturing sustained full line-rate at 40 Gbps in any packet size. A 1U model with 4Gbps and 8 Terabyte of storage completes the rackmount series at the entry level 

NetWork Analysis & Visualization in Real Time

TRAMIR is designed to visualize network traffic by graph in real time for detection of fraudulent, suspicious access, fault isolation, etc.

tramir screen kl

A new product in the SwiftWing family, available now !

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NetWork Analysis & Visualisation in Real Time 


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 20 Gbps Real Time Statistics

No Impact to Capture, none, ever !

Available now !


SwiftWing Connectivity Products

swpb mount kl

Pairing our new appliance with the SIRIUS capture systems functionality works out for a highly efficient and optimized usage for most accurate capture results when subjected to demanding and intensive network conditions

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SwiftWing Connectivity Products

The new SwiftWing Packet Broker is designed for more efficient control of todayʼs required tapped or SPAN-based data sources during capturing of network data. 

swpb mount2 kl

Available now !

SIRIUS - High-Performance Network Data Recorder & Analytics Platform

SwiftWing SIRIUS provides neutral, high performing Ethernet Packet Capture & Storage Services for various analysis and monitoring purposes within enterprise networks.

Designed to meet today’s demand for high-speed, high-traffic packet capture on IP networks, SIRIUS is capable of storing network traffic (regardless of packet sizes) at a continuous data rate of up to 40Gbps and beyond.

Thus, SwiftWing SIRIUS ensures that no packets will be lost when subjected to demanding and intensive network conditions wherever a most accurate capture result is needed.

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More about the directions

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SwiftWing SIRIUS – a standard for lossless packet capture

storageconsumption v1
SIRIUS offers a piece of mind by ensuring that your network monitoring data is captured and stored in a precise, redundant and reliable system.

The portable versions units are perfect companions for field engineering, varying in speed (4 to 40Gbps) and storage capacity (currently up to 32TB).

For the more demanding tasks a line of 19" systems for stationary use is provided, varying in speed (4 to 40Gbps) and storage capacity (currently up to 4.200 TB by different models.

Read a bit more about the Capture Performance

The new SwiftWing SIRIUS 5.x

The new SIRIUS 5.x - up to 4,2 Peta Byte storage, 100G Connectivity, full support of CentOS, WIN10 and more.

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SwiftWing TRAMIR -  Deep Packet Inspection - 20Gbps real-tme Statistics with no impact to capture process.

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SwiftWing Connectivity - our new Mediation Layer appliance for efficient control of today's tapped or SPAN-based data-sources.

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Why SwiftWing SIRIUS ?

  • 10yrs swiftwingMost powerful capturing functionality and large, robust storage technology

  • Delivering instant, meaningful and sustainable results

  • Enterprise- and Carriergrade design for Big Data Analysis and beyond

  • Ongoing, permanent product development since 2005

  • With RESTful API, SIRIUS can be integrated seamless in any existing monitoring solution

Enhanced Solutions with SIRIUS

SwiftWing SIRIUS can be an advanced "solution oriented" packet capture platform for accurate big data analysis, therefore we develop individual solutions for various business sections. 

impossible3klBeyond packet capture and management of the capture archive, SIRIUS represents the groundwork for several advanced requirements, e.g., integrating individual functions, special analysis programs or other 3rd Party applications. Contact us if you have a special demand, read a bit more here.


tramir logo1klTRAMIR, the SwiftWing Deep Packet Inspection application is now released. Existing SIRIUS units can be upgraded or add TRAMIR during the regular System Updates to v5. 

Contact your dealer for system requirements and quotation for TRAMIR.

We attend the shows during Oct. 1st and 12th , 2017
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09-2016 Latest news:netpac40Gportablekl2

true lossless 40 Gbps Capture&Storage 
on our portable appliance

Available now...

See You @ Communic Indonesia 2016 in Jakarta Next Week
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31 August – 3 September:

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++++  Product NEWS ++++

1u new kl
SIRIUS 1U 19" Entry Model:  4x 1GbE = 4 Gbps with 8 TB storage
and full, wellproven SwiftWing functionality!


Ethernet Fieldbus and Portable SIRIUS

We put the spotlight to Automation Networks and Industrial Ethernet this month. If you work with PROFINET, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP or Modbus, SERCOS or else, SwiftWing SIRIUS is a perfect companion for Troubleshooting & Monitoring. Download the a new brochure also carrying some smart TAPs and Traffic Consolidation solutions as a "must have" for failsafe and non invasive access to the network :

pdf icon2 Fieldbus Tools

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Packet Capture is a piece of the puzzle for many reasons in monitoring today. While we follow on Twitter some who have to say something we are being followed by some interested in what we have to say as well. So feel free to be part of that activities!:

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SwiftWing SIRIUS arrives in 2016
Have all a good year to come!

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August 18th, 2015: Today we re-launched this website !
We dedicate this domain(s) to be exclusive to our SIRIUS systems.

SwiftWing finalist
June 2015: Good News - SIRIUS was nominated to be a best of show finalist

June 2015: Exhibiting in Tokyo – visit us on!
Hall 5 – Booth WE05

Mai 2015: We launch the 40 Gbps lossless capture with the 19” SwiftWing SIRIUS appliance !

June 2015: Exhibiting in Singapore
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10 years SwiftWing
January 2015 :  Time flies and SwiftWing SIRIUS has grown up ! 10 years ongoing product development !

Great News: The Return of the Portable Mini SIRIUS!
So many request and so much patience was needed….we happily announce the return of the ultra compact 10GbE Capture appliance - avalailable by today!

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InterOp Tokyo - we join here - See you in June !

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Early 2014 : Comworth joined the the social networks.
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  ComWorth Europe GmbH
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Allianz cyber sicherheit
2014: ComWorth is Member of this Alliance

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